What to Do When Your Loved Ones Has Seizures


Seeing your loved ones have seizures is both heartbreaking and frightening. Most of the time, you’d be so overwhelmed that you’d just stand there, gazing at your loved one, unsure of what to do.

If seizures attack your loved ones, your goal is to keep them safe until the seizure stops on its own. Amazing Care Home Health Services, LLC has home health aides you can depend on to help you face this scenario. If you are alone with a loved one who is prone to having seizures, here are some useful tips to ensure their safety.

  • Ease the person to the floor.
  • Gently turn the individual to one side. This allows the individual to breathe easier.
  • Put something soft and flat beneath his or her head
  • Loosen ties or anything else around the neck that could make it difficult to breathe.
  • If the seizure lasts more than 5 minutes, call 911.

It is critical to understand what NOT to do to keep a person safe during or after a seizure. Your home health services in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania reminds you to never do any of the following.

  • Do not restrain the individual or halt his or her actions.
  • Do not put anything in the person’s mouth.
  • Do not attempt mouth-to-mouth exercises (like CPR). Following a seizure, most people resume breathing on their own.
  • Do not give the person a drink or food until he or she is completely awake.

Caregivers can collaborate with your loved one’s healthcare practitioner at a home care service in Pennsylvania to learn about treatment choices, manage medication side effects, and handle any other medical issues the person may be suffering from.

Contact a dependable home health care to make it easier for you and your loved one!

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