Adverse Effects of Forgetting Your Medication


While it may not seem to be harmful the first few times you skip your medication, forgetting to take them can cause serious adverse reactions in the long run. As a provider of home care services in Pennsylvania, we help our clients remember to take their medications on time and with the proper dosage to prevent complications.

Here are some problems you may experience if you forget to take your medications:

  • Your treatment not working as effectively or failing altogether
    Some medications need to be taken before symptoms flare up otherwise they would not be as effective. Antibiotics may no longer work if you stop taking them before your condition is fully treated.
  • Withdrawal symptoms
    Certain medications can trigger chemical changes in the brain and suddenly quitting them or missing a dose can cause sudden chemical shifts. This can cause symptoms such as headaches, anxiety, and flu-like symptoms.
  • Your disease may become resistant to treatment
    A virus strain may gain resistance to treatment if you don’t complete your medication dosage. This can make it harder to control.
  • Serious complications
    Forgetting some medications such as those for your blood pressure and blood sugar can put you at risk of serious complications such as heart attack and stroke.

Are you in need of home health services in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to help ensure that you are taking your medications on time? We at Amazing Care Home Health Services, LLC provide quality home health services within the comfort of your own home.

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