Communicating with Your Child Who Has Dysarthria


Dysarthria is the inability to speak, caused by a brain injury or later-life changes. It can be developmental, resulting from brain damage before or during birth, or acquired, resulting from brain alterations later in life, such as damage caused by a stroke, severe head injury, or brain tumor.

Dysarthria in children is often developmental, whereas adults typically suffer from acquired dysarthria. Both forms, however, can afflict persons of any age. Amazing Care Home Health Services, LLC’s speech and language therapists will assist you in increasing your child’s capacity to communicate. They will aid you and your family in adjusting to your new circumstances by helping you find new methods to communicate.

If your child has this condition, our home health services in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania provides you with the following tips to help you communicate more successfully.

  • When you’re having a discussion, keep distractions and background noise to a minimum and focus on the individual as they speak.
  • Allow them plenty of time to react after speaking – if they feel rushed or forced to talk, they may become worried, which can impair their ability to communicate.
  • If you don’t understand what they’re saying, don’t pretend you do since they may find it patronizing and distressing.
  • Seek clarity by asking yes/no questions or paraphrasing if required.
  • Do not interrupt them by completing their statements or correcting their faults.

You may be unable to comprehend your child’s speech if he or she has severe dysarthria. In such circumstances, your kid may require alternative modes of communication. Simple motions, image boards, or alphabet boards are examples of these.

Your home care services in Pennsylvania have talented, patient, and experienced speech therapists.

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