Basic Home Health Care Tips for a COVID-Free Abode

Basic Home Health Care Tips for a COVID-Free Abode

The pandemic has brought about countless tragedies that affected the whole world. A variety of businesses and individuals lost their opportunities to earn while infection cases skyrocket. But due to the fast intervention of medical professionals worldwide, we found the means to mitigate the virus and keep ourselves safe.

The COVID-19 virus is transmitted through airborne droplets. Direct contact with an infected person will put someone at high risk. As such, health organizations encourage everyone to practice social distancing and wear protective gear, such as face masks.

The CDC and WHO also suggest cleaning and sanitizing the home. With simple home cleaning supplies, you can make your home COVID-free. Follow these tips below to ensure the safety of your loved ones, especially at-risk individuals such as children and seniors.

Our home health services in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, suggest cleaning high-touch surfaces with a simple bleach solution. The surfaces include railings, doorknobs, phones, couches, and floors.

When entering your home from a public place, make sure to sanitize your vehicle. Remove your clothes at the doorway, place them in a bag, and wash them immediately.

Place hand sanitizers or alcohol beside entryways for easy access. Face masks can be added, as well, in case you forgot.

Responsible home health care also suggests educating your loved ones about COVID-19. Teach them about the basic rules of safety to avoid infection.

Amazing Care Home Health Services, LLC is your dedicated provider of home care services in Pennsylvania. We offer wholesome and quality care to keep your family safe and healthy. Contact us today to learn more.

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