Ask Us: Why Should Seniors Avoid Driving

Ask Us: Why Should Seniors Avoid Driving

Trust us, driving for seniors is not safe.

The road can be difficult to navigate, especially if your loved one is experiencing health and mobility issues. On the road, they may experience countless situations which may trigger their health condition.

As such, our home care services in Pennsylvania suggest leaving the driving to a younger and much more capable family member. This way, you can get to your destination safely and on time.

But let’s talk more about why seniors should not drive. Older adults who are physically and mentally fit are allowed to drive. Good health is a factor for a safe and risk-free journey.

Here are more health factors that can affect your senior’s vehicle safety according to the National Institute on Aging:

  • Stiff Joints and Muscles
  • Trouble Seeing
  • Trouble Hearing
  • Mental Issues, such as Dementia
  • Slower Reaction Time and Reflexes
  • Medications

If your senior has one or more of the aforementioned conditions, it is best to keep them off the wheel. Our home health care team encourages family members to help maintain safety and wellness for their older loved ones.

Should you require caring personnel to escort your senior to various destinations and appointments, our care team at Amazing Care Home Health Services, LLC, is always happy to help. We can help arrange transportation services for your senior anytime, anywhere. From doctor’s appointments to simple tasks, such as grocery shopping, we are there to lend a helping hand.

Our home health services in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, is only one call away.

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