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Thinking of Getting a Companion?

Here are more reasons why you should enlist one’s assistance. If your senior loved one is having difficulty performing various chores at home, then getting a companion would be a great idea. This can also be supported if your loved … Continue reading

Taking Care of Your Loved Ones’ Mental Health

Our senior loved ones can be experiencing many major life changes all at once. They may be facing physical decline, but their old age can put their mental health in danger too. As a provider of home care services in … Continue reading

Adverse Effects of Forgetting Your Medication

While it may not seem to be harmful the first few times you skip your medication, forgetting to take them can cause serious adverse reactions in the long run. As a provider of home care services in Pennsylvania, we help … Continue reading

Possible Consequences of Skipping Medications

Doctors do not prescribe your medicines in vain. The primary purpose of your medicines is to treat your illnesses. They are also strictly prescribed by your doctor. Thus, you cannot merely take your medications the way you want to. They … Continue reading

How to Spot if Your Loved Ones has Hypothermia

With the seasons getting ever so colder, the risk of getting hypothermia becomes more and more real. Hypothermia refers to a medical condition that occurs when the body begins to lose heat faster than it can produce it. This causes … Continue reading

The Responsibilities of a Medical Social Worker

The news of a loved one having a chronic condition can be devastating for a family. They need someone to guide them in understanding their loved ones’ health condition and adapting to changes that they have to accommodate their loved … Continue reading