Tracheostomy: What Is It and What Causes It

Tracheostomy: What Is It and What Causes It

What Is Tracheostomy?

According to Stanford Children’s Health, tracheostomy is a medical procedure that involves creating a hole in the neck that extends to the trachea or windpipe to allow safe breathing. A tracheal disorder is usually caused by acute viral and bacterial infections, such as croup, diphtheria, and epiglottitis, which compromises a person’s airway.

Tracheostomy is frequently performed in children who are suffering from upper airway abnormalities or needing prolonged mechanical ventilation due to respiratory failure. Moreover, as per an expert home health care provider in Pennsylvania, there are also other reasons why a tracheostomy is performed.

Tracheostomy is vital for those who are suffering from these conditions: (1) anaphylaxis, (2) birth defects of the airway, (3) burns of the airway from inhalation of corrosive material, (4) cancer in the neck, (5) chronic lung disease, (6) coma, (7) diaphragm dysfunction, (8) facial burns or surgery, (9) infection, (10) injury to the larynx or laryngectomy, (11) injury to the chest wall, (12) need for prolonged respiratory or ventilator support, (13) obstruction of the airway by a foreign body, (14) obstructive sleep apnea, (15) paralysis of the muscles used in swallowing, (16) severe neck or mouth injuries, (17) tumors, or (18) vocal cord paralysis.

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