Speech Disorders: What Causes Them?

Speech Disorders: What Causes Them?

The ability to communicate well is necessary to relay your message. Otherwise, there would be a misunderstanding and confusion between you and your listener.

What causes a speech disorder?

Speech disorders are often caused by a degenerative disease, stroke, head injury, muscle weakness, damaged vocal cords, dementia, autism, down syndrome, mouth/throat cancer, and hearing loss. If your loved ones show signs of communication difficulty due to these conditions, consult a speech therapist right away. Providers of home health services in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, can also help you.

Types of speech disorders

For kids:

  • Articulation disorder
    This usually involves a substitution of one sound for another, slurring speech, or indistinct speech.
  • Phonological disorder
    This is when kids are unable to form the sounds of a word correctly.
  • Fluency disorder
    Repeating sounds, words, or phrases are a sign of this condition.
  • Voice disorders
    Voice disorders involve a harsh, hoarse, and raspy voice. There might even be a sudden change in a child’s pitch.

For adults:

  • Apraxia
    Apraxia is a motor speech disorder that makes it difficult for someone to express his thoughts verbally.
  • Dysarthria
    This condition comes with a slurred and choppy speech.
  • Spasmodic dysphoria
    This manifests a hoarse, tight, and airy voice.
  • Vocal disturbances
    These are changes in the sound and ease of your speech due to the declined function or shape of your vocal cords.

If your loved ones suffer from any of these conditions, look for a home health care provider in Pennsylvania that offers speech therapy services.

Speech therapy can improve your loved ones’ speech. Amazing Care Home Health Services, LLC, a provider of home care services in Pennsylvania, has expert speech therapists who can help your loved ones regain their communicative ability.

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