Top 4 Indoor Brain Boosters for Seniors

Top 4 Indoor Brain Boosters for Seniors

One of the prevalent mental challenges that seniors go through is dementia. Because of dementia, seniors can forget about basic habits, daily practices, and eventually, even their personal relationships.

As of present, there is still no definite cure for dementia. However, according to the National Institute on Aging, there are existing interventions that can delay brain function decline. One of these interventions is cognitive training. Here are some ways you can achieve them at home with the assistance of a home health care provider.

  1. Jigsaw Puzzles
    Completing a huge puzzle set using small pieces is the goal of playing the jigsaw puzzle. This game exercises a senior person’s analysis, problem-solving skills, and memory. Add to this, seniors can also spend time alone by themselves, which can help them calm down.
  2. Sudoku
    This game is a variant of the word puzzles, except that you are going to look for numbers. This is very helpful for the brain because it makes the person think, analyze the number patterns, and remember the order of the numbers.
  3. Arts and Crafts
    With help from providers of home health services in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, seniors can also enjoy doing arts and crafts. This activity is essential for brain function because it allows the person to think of new ideas and be creative. They can also feel fulfillment at the result thereby reducing stress, which is another trigger for cognitive decline.
  4. Bingo
    The exciting aspect of this game is that it is more fun when played with other people. This game works out the memory, analysis in detecting patterns, and mental skill in a making decision. Because seniors can play this with others, they will also have an enjoyable time socializing, which helps boost their mental health.

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