How to Encourage Seniors to Take Their Medication

How to Encourage Seniors to Take Their Medication

There can be times when our elderly loved ones refuse to take their medications. Have you experienced this too? As a provider of home health services in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, we know how a senior’s refusal to take meds is a major concern. It can even lead to other health complications.

So here are tips to help you convince them to take their scheduled medicines.

  • Find out Why
    If you have a clear understanding of why they refuse to take their meds, you can also find a way to resolve their excuses. Understanding the problem is halfway to solving it.
  • Stay Positive
    Your words may be the reason why they are not inclined to take their medicines. They can feel scared or discouraged with how they perceive your help.
  • Empathize
    Our aging loved ones are more inclined to share their reasons if they feel that we understand how they’re feeling. Or at least, we seek to understand how they feel. Ask how they feel about their medicines. Perhaps you’ll know how to work around the issue when you start with empathy.
  • Prioritize Crucial Medicines
    Your loved one may feel overwhelmed about the many pills they have to take. If there are medicines they don’t want to take, ensure that these are not the medicines for their illnesses. For instance, they can skip taking vitamins or supplements for a day but not the hypertension medication prescribed by the doctor.
  • Get the Doctor’s Help
    As home health care providers, we know how the doctor’s words are very influential to many senior patients. So, let their doctor make explicit instructions for your loved one to religiously take their meds.
  • Monitor the Side Effects
    Another reason for their refusal can be the undesirable side effects. Monitor how they react to the medicines so you can report these effects to the doctor. If there are side effects, you can request to have the meds replaced or the dosage adjusted.

Our providers of home care services in Pennsylvania at Amazing Care Home Health Services, LLC joins you in promoting your loved one’s overall wellbeing. So if you need help in taking care of them, contact us.

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