How to Spot if Your Loved Ones has Hypothermia

How to Spot if Your Loved Ones has Hypothermia

With the seasons getting ever so colder, the risk of getting hypothermia becomes more and more real. Hypothermia refers to a medical condition that occurs when the body begins to lose heat faster than it can produce it. This causes the body’s temperature to fall dangerously low.

Hypothermia is caused by extreme exposure to cold weather or being immersed in cold water. It can become dangerous when you are not able to manage and treat it in time.

For this reason, Amazing Care Home Health Services, LLC (a provider of home health services in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) has produced this guide to help you spot the signs of hypothermia.

Mild hypothermia can manifest symptoms such as shivering, confusion, and clumsiness. Once the patient’s body temperature drops to 32 degrees C, they can lose consciousness.

If someone you know is afflicted with hypothermia, the first thing you should do is try and get them away from the elements. This means that you will need to find any sort of shelter that can protect both of you from the cold. If you are currently recovering from getting hypothermia, getting a professional from a provider of home health care can be ideal.

There are many different ways that you and your loved ones can avoid getting hypothermia. The most viable of these options is to just stay indoors if it gets too cold. But, if you are outside, a good way to avoid getting hypothermia is to limit the amount of alcohol that you consume.

This is because drinking alcohol affects your circulation and limits your ability to feel the cold. Should you need any help, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We provide various home care services in Pennsylvania that are helpful in your recovery.

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