Wound First Aid for the Elderly People

wound-first-aid-for-the-elderly-peopleSeniors have vulnerable and thin skin which is why they’re more susceptible to wounds that don’t heal easily. Wounds are any damage to the skin’s surface that can appear as minor cuts, lacerations, bites, or abrasions. These wounds sting but fortunately, in most cases, they can be treated by first aid.

Below are steps you have to follow when giving first aid to your senior loved ones:

  • Control the bleeding and manage pain.
    Before making contact with the wound, wash and sanitize your hands. Then, using a clean towel, apply a light pressure over the wound to stop the bleeding. Give them pain relief medications recommended by your home health care provider to manage the pain.
  • Rinse the wound.
    Using lukewarm water, rinse the wound gently and thoroughly. Remove fragments of dirt in the wound to avoid infection as well. After doing so, pat it dry.
  • Reposition the skin flap.
    If there are skin flaps still attached to the wound, put it back to its original position using clean cotton or pad.
  • Cover the wound.
    Using a non-stick, light bandage, cover the wound but avoid using very sticky tapes to prevent damaging the skin around the wound during bandage removal.
  • Seek further treatment.
    Visit their physician if you see signs of infection, continued bleeding, slow healing, or if it’s very large and deep in order to obtain an accurate diagnosis.

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