When to See a Speech Therapist for Your Child

When to See a Speech Therapist for Your Child

In the early development of your child, you might observe some speech and language problems that could carry on until his or her adult life. You have to deal with this for earlier intervention. You can find a reputable home health agency in Philadelphia offering speech and language therapy for children.

The following are some of the common disorders that require professional attention.

  • When you observe articulation disorder
    You may discover this as early as 3 years old. This problem is caused by the physical difficulties of your child, particularly with the lips, tongue, and teeth. For instance, you may observe that instead of producing an “s” sound, your child gives you produces a “th” sound. A home health care speech pathologist can help you with this.
  • When you notice fluency disorder
    Stuttering is the most common type of fluency disorder. This happens when an initial sound is prolonged, like “ssssspider,” or repeated, such as “b-b-boy.” Home health services in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania are provided by dedicated therapists who can help your child overcome this difficulty.
  • When you hear voice disorder
    Also called resonance disorder, this speech problem pertains to the quality of the voice, pitch, and volume of your child when speaking. Along with the personalized home care services in Pennsylvania, home health taps the expertise of nurses who are experienced in speech therapeutic care.

To learn more about speech therapy for children, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us here at Amazing Care Home Health Services, LLC. We have accommodating representatives ready to answer you at 215-969-9500. Contact us today!

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