Tips to Protect Patients from Pressure Sores


Being diagnosed with a medical condition is one of the most devastating things that could happen to a person. Unfortunately, this could be inevitable. There are times when people get affected by health problems, especially in geriatrics in Montgomery County and other parts of the world. Whether they like it or not, they have to face this huge obstacle. This is why it is completely understandable why patients want to recuperate right away.

It can’t be denied that patients who hire home care services in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, want to get peace of mind as soon as possible when it comes to their health. However, full recovery is not a walk in the park. In reality, recuperation is a work in progress, and there are hurdles along the way. Patients deal with numerous challenges on a regular basis. The struggle is even greater for those who have impaired mobility.

Physically challenged patients are at greater risk for pressure sores. These health complications only add to the burden of patients. Therefore, it is ideal to enforce protective measures at all costs. On top of taking advantage of home health care, here are other simple and effective ways to prevent pressure sores:

  • Keep the skin clean and dry.
  • Don’t massage reddened areas.
  • Use specialty bedding and cushions.
  • Let the patient change position regularly.
  • Check the skin for signs of developing pressure sores.

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