The Dangers of Sundowning in Seniors

The Dangers of Sundowning in SeniorsSeniors with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease often experience sundowning. Sundowning is the term referring to the state of an individual being confused, restless, and agitated during a specific time of day. This condition causes sleep problems in most seniors and many other problems including dizziness, falls, and injuries. Because of the dangers of this condition, seniors may need home care services in Pennsylvania.

Several research studies show that sundowning is caused by the change in one’s biological clock. Other factors like prolonged stress, unmet nutritional needs, depression, uncontrolled pain, and boredom worsen one’s mental condition and expedite the changes in one’s sleep-wake cycle. It’s safe to say that seniors with dementia or Alzheimer’s who do not receive the best quality of home health care, are at a higher risk of experiencing sundowning than others.

Sundowners may not be able to separate dreams and imaginations from reality so it’s expected of them to yell, pace, and become aggressive at times. They also tend to wander around and put themselves in more trouble and danger. Symptoms may get worse throughout the night and conditions may progress if these symptoms are ignored.

Our professionals at Amazing Care Home Health Services, LLC can find ways to delay the onset or progress of sundowning in your loved ones. We’ll introduce new routines to help keep up with your loved one’s conditions like afternoon rest, evening activities, comforting pastimes, and medication management. Our home health services in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, are designed to meet your loved one’s needs and improve their overall quality of life.

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