Tell-Tale Signs When Driving Is Unsafe for Seniors

Tell-Tale Signs When Driving Is Unsafe for Seniors

Driving challenges are common among seniors, however, they may still insist on doing it to enhance their self-confidence. How would you know that it’s time for your aging parent to forego their driving interest?

Here are tell-tale signs we can share based on our experience in providing home health services in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

  • Forgetting About Familiar Places
    Forgetfulness is occurring in seniors. However, when they fail to recognize places that they frequently go to, you know it’s certain that driving is already unsafe for them.
  • Unable to Follow Traffic Signs
    This inability can be due to difficulty in seeing clearly or slow physical reflexes. Consider getting them help when they need to go outdoors. Providers of home care services in Pennsylvania can be there to accompany or drive for them.
  • Delayed Decision Making
    When your loved one takes time on deciding whether they should turn right or left, or whether they should park near or from a distance in your intended location, this can be an indicator that driving is going to be unhealthy for them.
  • Driving at Incorrect Speed Limit
    Your aging loved one may also drive very fast or very slow on the road which can be inappropriate for the speed limit in their chosen highway. This can lead to other vehicular mishaps. Take this as your cue to make driving changes for them.
  • Inability to Check the Blind Spots
    When your senior loved one no longer looks at the side or rear-view mirrors, they can be at risk of transportation mishaps which are unsafe for them. Talk to them about driving safety.
  • Inability to Check Both Lanes During Traffic
    For safety, we need to check both sides of the road when we’re entering a traffic crossing to know if it’s safe for us to proceed. When your aging parent doesn’t do this, their driving safety is definitely at risk.

As we partner with you in providing quality home health care, know that you can seek our help when your aging parent needs some transportation assistance. Ask us at Amazing Care Home Health Services, LLC.

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