Keeping Your Elderly Loved One Warm in Winter

Keeping Your Elderly Loved One Warm in Winter

The winter cold can take a huge toll on your elderly loved one’s health if the proper precautions are not taken to keep them warm. Older adults tend to feel the cold more than younger individuals due to their slower metabolism and thinner skin. Amazing Care Home Health Services, LLC is here to share a few tips you can use to keep your loved one warm:

  • Keep the heater running and in tip-top shape. Don’t let your loved one get stuck at home in the cold. Take your time to check on their heater to see if it’s still working or if it needs repairs. A caregiver from our Home Health Care can help make sure that the temperature stays at a comfortable 65 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Offer warm drinks. A mug of hot cocoa or a cup of relaxing tea will do wonders in keeping your loved one’s body temperature warm. Stock up on your loved one’s favorite warm drinks so they have something delicious to sip on throughout the day. Our Home Care Services in Pennsylvania can ensure that your loved one gets their warm beverages on time, at the same time, you will be informed if you’re running low on stock!
  • Visit regularly or invest in Home Health Services in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Power outages are common during the winter, so make sure you visit your loved one often or have a caregiver around to keep an eye on them. This is to prevent your loved one from getting hypothermia if their heater breaks or there’s an outage.

Whatever the need, you can rely on us to keep your loved one safe from the harsh winter chills. Just give us a call at 215-969-9500 to get in touch.

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