How Older Adults Benefit from Speech Therapy

How Older Adults Benefit from Speech Therapy

Speech therapy is a process that involves addressing problems associated with swallowing and speaking. As a home health care provider, we offer speech therapy to children and adults. For the latter, this service can be crucial as it can improve their overall health and ability to communicate effectively.

As a provider of home health services in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, we will discuss how seniors benefit from speech therapy:

  • Improve speech affected by brain damage.
    The ability to communicate one’s needs is crucial for older adults. However, going through a stroke can damage the part of the brain that controls speech functions. This can cause aphasia which is characterized by a loss in the ability to express or comprehend speech. With speech therapy, a treatment plan is created that may include written or spoken exercises to restore speaking ability.
  • Enhance speech caused by musculature problems.
    Dysarthria occurs when there is difficulty coordinating the muscles that produce speech. This often occurs due to a sensorimotor problem, such as changes in muscle tone, paralysis, or weakness. Speech therapy is a non-invasive way to address the problem.
  • Improve one’s ability to swallow.
    Dysphagia is typically caused by structural changes in the swallowing mechanism. This can increase the risk of choking and senior malnutrition. Speech therapy can intervene by performing evaluations and making food modifications. This includes exercises to strengthen the underlying muscles.

Amazing Care Home Health Services, LLC is a reputable provider of home care services in Pennsylvania. To provide comprehensive care, we offer speech therapy for both children and adults. Contact us today to learn more about this service and other ways we can help.

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