How to Keep Your Loved Ones Safe from COVID-19

Although the COVID-19 pandemic does not discriminate, it is still widely accepted that certain groups of individuals are considered at higher risk than others. These groups include older adults, people with chronic health conditions, and others needing home health services … Continue reading

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Improving Elderly Function Through Occupational Therapy

As your senior loved ones’ age, they may experience physical changes that could limit them from doing daily activities, such as walking, eating, and dressing. Occupational therapy may help improve their life skills, which can lead to a more independent … Continue reading

Preparing for Your Physical Therapy Session

Providing home health care that you can rely on denotes providing outstanding work. Amazing Care Home Health Services, LLC, aims to serve you with the highest level of care at home. As a chosen provider of home care services in … Continue reading

Preventing Cross-Contamination Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

The Coronavirus Disease-2019 (COVID-19) may have affected many lives with the recurring casualties it has brought, but it doesn’t mean it’s the end of everything. There are still ways we can protect ourselves and the people around us. To keep … Continue reading

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Several Benefits of Yoga to Older Adults

Getting older presents many gifts but also carry many challenges. Seniors often face the risks of life-threatening illnesses and psychological and emotional struggles. But there are also many things you can do to improve your overall health and well-being as … Continue reading

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Tracheostomy: What Is It and What Causes It

What Is Tracheostomy? According to Stanford Children’s Health, tracheostomy is a medical procedure that involves creating a hole in the neck that extends to the trachea or windpipe to allow safe breathing. A tracheal disorder is usually caused by acute … Continue reading

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